Continuous City


Since 2002, world-renowned Builders Association has presented a series of remarkable theatrical experiences that tell the story of our increasingly urban and globalized world: Aladeen (2002-2005), Super Vision (2005-2006), and now Continuous City, which is showing at the Walker Art Center this Thursday through Saturday, October 23-25. The Walker is offering special discounted tickets to Friday’s performance. Get them while you can.

From Philip Bither, William and Nadine McGuire Senior Curator, Performing Arts, Walker Art Center:

Dear friend,

The Walker is proud to present the Builders Association’s Continuous City this Thursday-Saturday, October 23-25 at 8 pm. I hope you can join us to see this Walker-commissioned new work. As a friend of the Walker and the arts community, we would like to extend you and your staff $15 tickets to the Friday, October 24 performance. To redeem this offer, please contact the Walker box office at 612.375.7600 and mention “friend”. This a show that I think you will like very much, fascinating both as a very strong piece of theater and as a commentary on how technology is altering our lives.

Like past Builders Association productions, Continuous City is stunningly beautifully and technically advanced. However, with this piece they have achieved a series of interweaving stories and a narrative arc that, in power, humor and humanity, match the company’s conceptual and technical prowess. The company has been in residence with the Walker for the past week continuing to work on the show and it is looking fantastic. After the Walker, it will go on to BAM’s Next Wave Festival in New York, as well as touring stops across Europe and in Asia.

Below is more information on the show and a link to a major feature on the piece that appeared in the Star Tribune this past weekend.

The Builders Association
Continuous City
Thursday-Saturday, October 23-25, 8 pm
McGuire Theater, Walker Art Center

“The Builders Association is itself an innovator in multimedia theater, using video, animation, sampled sounds, and god-knows-what sorts of computerized gizmos to produce gorgeous illusions.”—Village Voice

See the future of theater today. New York City–based wizards the Builders Association (Aladeen, Super Vision), with fingers firmly pressed to the pulse of today’s changing world, weave an engrossing fable about ways that constant connectivity alters our sense of distance and intimacy. A globe-hopping father and his homebound daughter, whose lives are transformed by digital speed and failing cell phones, and the other intriguing characters who populate this story are propelled by leading-edge computer animation, electronic music, and live performance.

A participatory Web site ( and local filming of key scenes further conflate the global and the local, the mediated and the real.

Commissioned by the Walker Art Center.

Read last Sunday’s Star Tribune article on Continuous City here.

Warm Regards,
Philip Bither
William and Nadine McGuire Senior Curator, Performing Arts
Walker Art Center