LA Freewaves: Hollywould



“Along Hollywood Boulevard this weekend, amid the restaurants, theaters, clothing stores and clubs, you can add in one giant, virtual screening room. The upscale Lotería Grill will project on a wall a faux documentary about life in Mexico after a utopian revolution. Kayden’s Creations, a tattoo parlor-gallery, will present a live painting video. More in the mood for sex in the city? Erotic supplier Bizzy B has given over its flat screen to a piece about gender.

“Such experimental works as these make up the 11th biennial Freewaves festival of film, video and new media, opening today. Though the five-day event, dubbed “Hollywould,” involves more than a hundred works from around the world, the loose unifying theme plays off the confusion between Hollywood, the industry, and Hollywood, the ZIP Code.”

Freewaves festival turns Hollywood Boulevard into a giant screening room, Los Angeles Times