Lights on Tampa Artist Symposium


Thursday January 8, 2008
4-6 pm
Tampa Theater
711 N. Franklin St.

Marina Zurkow, Shrub
Marina Zurkow, animation still of “Slurb”, the installation proposed for outdoor projection at the St. Pete Times Forum for Lights On Tampa. Image courtesy of the artist.

This symposium will explore various issues including:

  • How does the work of each artist function in the public realm?
  • What do these artworks, and programs such as Lights On Tampa, say about today’s cultural environment both nationally and in a mid-size postindustrial city such as Tampa?

2009 Lights on Tampa Artists are:

  • Casa Magica
  • Chris Doyle
  • Marina Zurkow
  • Will Pappenheimer & Chipp Jansen
  • Carlton Ward Jr.