SkyDog Projects Open Call to Collaborate


Conflux Festival Workshop 9/18/09

Attention all digital photographers

As part of the Conflux 2009 festival, SkyDog Projects is organizing a group workshop on Friday September 18th from 7pm to 9pm to capture the energies and geographic dynamism of the Brooklyn East River Waterfront Landscape.

The idea is simple.  To enlist photographers to collectively capture the beauty and rhythms of the lower East River corridor through the use of time lapse photographic techniques.  After the workshop, the participants will be asked to upload their footage to YouTube and register information about the location and URLs of their footage.  Using software developed specifically for the conference, conference members will be allowed to create interactive presentations that will uniquely investigate the various perspectives and energies that were captured.

General Rules

  • This workshop is open to public and available to everyone who is willing to share their final results.
  • Participants will need to have a basic understanding of time lapse photography, their own equipment, and a means of combining and uploading the final movies to YouTube.
  • The goal is collapse the 2 hours of documentation into 2 minute videos.
  • Creativity is encouraged. Photographers should feel free to explore the city and use various lenses, exposures and techniques to capture the various interplay of the cities energies.  
  • General guidelines for the event, including basic information about time lapse photography and some tools that can be used, will be uploaded to leading up to the event.
  • Have fun!