Still learning: the art of the drive by


Margaret Crane, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, Jon Winet, Sunset Boulevard

I’m not sure today’s NYT article, In Los Angeles, Art That’s Worth a Detour is a trend or even particularly new, but it is a nice slide show. Isn’t the effect of the automobile on architecture and messaging one of the central themes of Venturi, Scott and Izenor’s 1977 Learning from Las Vegas? And Margaret Crane, Dale MacDonald, Scott Minneman, and Jon Winet’s 1997 Sunset Boulevard (pictured above) allowed drivers-by to advance a dual-screen narrative using their garage remotes. Electroland’s Hollywood Shadow Project used billboards silhouette of clasic movie scenes to cast shadows on nearby buildings approximately 90 minutes from sunset (get it?).

Photo by Alison Inconstanti

And, and, and. . . .