Strut and fret your hour upon the plinth


Antony Gormley on the Fourth Plinth from One & Other on Vimeo.

via Artsblog

I don’t entirely trust Anthony Gormley’s rhetoric, but I admire his handler’s scripting:

  • “It’s about the democratization of art.”
  • “In the end it doesn’t really matter who gets up on that thing.”
  • “I’ve got an idea. You can make it real.”

Is this the end of participation? As in the logical end. The end where “it doesn’t really matter who gets up on that thing?”

Ok, ok. I’d love to strut and fret my hour upon the stage of the 4th plinth.

Other projects I might have liked to have participated in:

  • Almost any Janet Cardiff project, but my first love was her Telephone Call at SFMOMA
  • Carsten Holler’s Revolving Hotel Room at the Guggenheim
  • rtMark’s hijacking of the Whitney Biennial was brilliant and formative
  • Paul Sermon’s telematic projects: remarkably embodied for such “primitive” technology
  • To have my picture snapped on Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg’s Package Holiday

What about you?