Your new year’s resolution to do more public art!


I have been really impressed lately with the willingness of artists to share their ideas and utilize the internet to spread mini interventions in cities across the world. In the past few weeks I have shared a few of these ideas with teachers, nieces and nephews, and of course my DIY peers. With everyone chipping in to do their part there could be an unexpected public alteration around every corner! My dream for 2009!

The Bubble Project is one of my favorite ways to interact with the corporate monologue. This project makes great use of web 2.0 by providing a down loadable bubble template and allowing participants to upload their own creations! A variation on this theme is to use store bought sticker bubbles used for photos and alter the magazines in your dentist office, etc.

The Pixalator is another great advertising altering street art invention.

By constructing a simple filter, digital advertising becomes a beautiful abstraction! It would take a little work to do this in public but I am collecting toilet paper rolls as we speak to do the at home version thanks to our friends at

For more inspiration on DIY art projects check out the The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith. It includes great projects like moss graffiti!

Hope this is enough to get you inspired to get going on all your art resolutions! Feel free to comment with your own project images or tell us about your plans to contribute to the greater good by subtly altering some public spaces!

Happy New Year!