Swing States

Advertising is one of the driving forces of today’s mass media. It extends it’s reach into all aspects of our culture, including the world of politics. Through it’s often crude strategies, advertising reshapes the contemporary political landscape into a agnotological system of sinister and ambiguous barriers.

“Dear President” consists of physically reconfigured, damaged cassette player, tape and a map of US. The magnetic tape extended out of the cassette passes over three of the key battleground states represented by pegs. The highlighted states are selected for their especially
heavy political advertising efforts. When engaged by the user, the tape meanders through the map and simultaneously plays recordings of Barrack Obama and John McCain commercials. Overlaid on one another, their political messages become almost incoherent.

This project was conceived as part of MCAD’s first all school exhibition “Dear President ________” in which all projects had the opportunity to be mailed to the president elect in 2009.