Phase Shift

For this show we were invited to create a set of works that revolved around They Wont Find Us Here gallery’s unique attributes. We chose the lack of heat in the gallery. We used this unique setting to address the change in seasons from winter to spring. We addressed the shifts from a literal and metaphysical standpoint touching on shifts in natural physicality, mental states of being, and the memories associated with those shifts. The Exhibition included four projects, Two projects by Ben Moren, One by Tyler Stefanich, And one collaborative project.

Poster design by Chirstopher Santoso

Four works were constructed:

Ben Moren

Frendrick-Miller Device
Durational Sculpture
Ben Moren

Atmospheric Displacement
Seamless Video Projection
Ben Moren & Tyler Stefanich

Forgotten Photographs: Not necessarily how they happened
Frozen Photographic Emulsion Lifts
Tyler Stefanich