Two Side of The Same

“Whenever we have this famous proverbial peeping tom scene of somebody observing a traumatic event through a crack, it is never as if we are dealing with two parts on both sides of the wall of the same reality.” Slavoj Zizek

“Two sides of the same” is an installation that shares a number of characteristics with a film set. A prominently displayed camera and a spot light point at an outside window of a house. On the inside of the window a small speaker plays a two second delay of the sounds that are happening in the room. In order to hear the sounds, the viewer must place their ear on the window. From this vantage point, through the crack between the blinds and the edge of the window, the
viewer is able to see a projected, delayed footage of themselves looking through the window: watching themselves, watch themselves.

“Two Sides of the same” presents a paradoxical situation that perverts our reality and expectations; it disjoints us from the present. By constructing this apparent “out of body” experience it allows us to re-consider our perception and understanding of ourselves.